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The ‘Punk’ literary genres defined

As writers, it's increasingly important to decide at the beginning or before you finish up and polish your manuscript, what specific genre you're working in. It's important to give your work a marketing persona for pitching and platform building. While you write, if you find your work a bit different within the Speculative Fiction might fit within one of these sub genres and derivatives of Cyperpunk.

Mythological Creature Archive

What is ‘Folkpunk’ in Literature?

Folk punk in Literature is the intersection of folk culture, distinct cultural groups like the Pennsylvania Dutch or the Creole- folklore, stories in the oral tradition, or stories now in the public domain.Then a layer with punk attributes, defined and characterized by the author (steampunk, mythpunk, cyberpunk, punk rock) and set within the speculative fiction genre, with a moral, parabolic or allegoric message.