Gratitude Journals

The mindful child’s gratitude journal for kids

-is a 5-in-one workbook, craft book, gratitude generator, list maker and do-gooder journal – with many kid-centric designs to choose from.

-Nurturing, powerful and to the point, the mindful child’s journal will take your child on a journey to something, sparkly and wonderful…themselves!

-Do a little bit at a time or dive right in and make things happen for your child’s day with several pages of prompts- which could be done in one sitting (with only a little prep.) *The crafting pages are particularly good weekend activities.

-With gratitude prompts, and mindfulness activities, your child will have fun telling you about their feelings instead of you pulling teeth to get them to tell you anything at all about their day! This is a good habit to start!

-There’s a daily ‘mood reflection’ and ‘giving back to the community’ section- for you to enjoy watching your child’s confidence bloom right before your eyes. Enjoy!

-Pick one up for a child you know today and help them discover a little bit about the feeling of joy each morning, while you have your coffee and something delicious to eat. You deserve it.