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Hello there! Please follow @arjungwriter for a chance to grab your free logo! DM me on Twitter and let me know you saw this on my blog! I will pick three indie authors a month. Logos can be upwards of a couple thousand dollars. This is my way to give back to the fabulous and welcoming #writingcommunity!

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Logo Design

Logo design is important for authors and writers because it starts to create the branding that you need to stand out from the crowd.

Common themes for writing logos according to –

• an open book
• a closed book
• a pen
• a pencil
• a fountain pen
• a feather pen
• glasses
• a typewriter
• calligraphy writing

These are only a few of the many options available to be used as logos. Other than your traditional trade-based icons like books, pens and symbols reflecting your name or a character trait, the most likely place to find inspiration is to dig deeper into your specific genre. Below are just a few examples of symbols you can use for different genres:

• mystery books: a magnifying glass, a sherlock hat, etc.
• Science fiction: a rocket, moon, stars, spaceship, etc.
• Romance: a rose, heart, butterfly, etc.
• Self-help: a compass, footprints, etc.

Please contact me @arjungwriter. Logos are $75 and I use PayPal. I can chat with you on Twitter DM throughout the design process or through email and get your logo done in real time for you. It’s a fast process. Happy writing guys!


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