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Mythological Creature; the Anansi SPIDER of West Africa and the African Diaspora

Photo Credit: The Ghanaian Anansi spider is believed to be a god, responsible for creating the sun, the stars and the moon, as well as teaching mankind the techniques of agriculture and were passed down in the oral tradition over the span of hundreds of years. The stories have survived a lot. According to… Continue reading Mythological Creature; the Anansi SPIDER of West Africa and the African Diaspora

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The ‘Aztec Death Whistle,’ artifact of religion or of psychological warfare?

The Aztec death whistle was most likely used as a spiritual conduit of sorts during religious practices and it's also widely believed that it was used as a form of psychological warfare. It was used to terrify Aztec and pre-Columbian foes on the battle field.

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Mythological Creature; Arion, a green maned, divine horse from Greek Mythology

According to (I'll keep their hyperlinks so you can refer to their webpage for further research.) Arion was an immortal horse in Greek mythology, which was very fast and bred by the gods. According to a source, it also had the ability to speak.

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Mythological Creature; the Apkallu sages- teachers of mankind

According to Livius, In ancient Mesopotamian myth, it was believed that the gods created humankind to cultivate the soil and make sure that the gods - by means of sacrifice - would receive their meals. However, the first people did not really understand how to perform the tasks they were supposed to perform, and therefore, the gods sent the Apkallū, the seven sages, as teachers. These creatures came to the human world from the sea.