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The Wolpertinger Code- a feel good Easter story about the magic of The holiday- (29 pgs.)

The snow stretched on for ages, but it didn’t matter in that moment because there was death on the horizon and death is worse than the blistering cold. If you are ever chilled to the bone, be still of mind, be grateful, because you know that you are still alive…you are able to feel. This is a blessing…this is from the Wolpertinger Code.”

-the Wolpertinger Code

My name is Herman and I am the eldest son of the chosen one. Our kingdom, Kriegerlager means warrior camp. We have a system similar to the Spartans, to name a society you are familiar with, but we live under the vows of discipline, organization and positive thinking. It’s an extremely strict but loving environment. The chosen one, my father, unfortunately didn’t meet the highest standards of the elders of Kriegerlager and acted more like a leaf blowing in the wind then he did a self-aware, self-disciplined Kriegerlager soldier, but sometimes genius comes in unexpected packaging.

Portal Door to Pennsylvania- Photo Credit:

 My father found the portal door deep in the Alpine Forest of Bavaria. It sat at the base of the oldest towering tree. The year was 1895 and it was bitterly cold because in the Alpine forest, high in the mountains, the snow never melts. He was at the tippy top, walking amongst some of the oldest snowflakes, and the oldest hills…can you imagine living in our mountains? It’s like living in a primordial snow globe. Ancient and pure, a time capsule full of the highest vibrational frequencies.

“The door is beautiful.” The chosen one said aloud to the hills. It echoed and then, silence. A snowflake landed on the tip of his nose. He crinkled his nose, crossing his eyes to get a better look at the snowflake. Falling forward, he rolled into a somersault, and after, he shook his head to refocus.

He wanted to wake up Horst to show him, as he had been asleep in his pocket for hours, but that seemed cruel. Horst was finally resting after a most traumatic morning. The chosen one loved Horst.

Horst had watched the child’s father, the king fall to the ground after drinking a warm cup of tea by the fire in the wee hours of the morning. His majesty fell from his chair and the queen who was deaf, was unaware of any problem. Horst looked around himself for something to get her attention. He was tiny, but very intelligent. He had to gain the attention of the exceedingly kind queen with the use of a very small voice. He was only a little thing after all, an Annelid, a common earthworm. Truth be told, there was nothing common about him.

THE WOLPERTINGER KING – Photo Credit Albrecht Durer and Rainer Zens

There was a broomstick leaning closest to the tip of his worm tail, so he pushed it over with all of his might, which in turn fell onto the cat who jumped up bristling from her nap and dashed like a lightning bolt towards the library. As she dashed, she over turned the small table which held the wretched cup of tea…and the queen, seeing the commotion… called for the Palace medical staff at once. The queen held the king, cradling him and rocking him close before the doctor arrived and was put straight to bed. Hemlock. Any part of the plant if ingested was deadly. It would take a miracle to save him…the kingdom too for that matter. What was going on here was nothing short of a coup d’état, which the Wolpertinger had never experienced in their long history. The monarchy would soon be overthrown, at least that is what the elders of the council were saying. Their days were numbered, and I know this because it is in all of our history books. Horst hung his head and cried after the incident. He had succeeded in alerting the queen who in turn called for the doctor, so maybe the king had a chance…but there was nothing in the world more important to him than to be accepted by this family. He wanted to feel bigger than he was, more important. He felt so small.

Horst had been so upset after. He turned his thoughts over and over until he fell asleep in the chosen one’s pocket, and now they stood in front of the unusual, small, red door, deep in the Alpine forest.

The trees looked like sticky white skeletons spiking sharply towards the sky and the chosen one liked the feel of them. They were ominous and matched his current mood. It felt odd seeing a door there, suddenly…he told me once… like the bright patch his mother sewed onto his favorite lambskin quilt when he was small.

This sudden magic didn’t seem completely random this morning, however. It seemed to match the theme of overthrowing the king and taking the kingdom. Get rid of the king and then the prince in line for the thrown by pulling him through a portal to elsewhere. The child knew he had been deemed special early in life and that even though he quite relished in acting contrary to how his mother and father expected him to, (and was always getting into trouble for it,) he had an obligation to preserve himself for the good of Kriegerlager, and he did take that seriously.

That strange red door, surrounded by cold, white powder… caught his attention thoroughly, and it was beckoning to him. The snow stretched on for ages, but it didn’t matter in that moment because there was death on the horizon and death is worse than the blistering cold. If you are ever chilled to the bone, be still of mind, be grateful, because you know that you are still alive…you are able to feel. This is a blessing…this is from the Wolpertinger Code.

His majesty the king was certainly dying, his father was dying…and was experiencing a most painful death. This is my grandfather we are talking about, the poisoned king. I love him so much and I never got to meet him. It was a national day of mourning the day he finally died. They stopped the post, lowered the flags to half-mast and broke the clocks. We still observe the day my grandfather Friedrich died…grandmother too, which is consuming and personal for everybody because they were the last Wolpertinger to actually die. Immortality was in our future, we just didn’t know about it yet. Have you seen the amulet around your Wolpertingers neck? The one who comes to your house at Easter time to investigate what you need or want at Eater. The medallion creates immortality for us. Every Wolpertinger wears one. All accept for my grandparents. It’s another story all together as to why they refused to wear one, but it’s about stubbornness mostly. For the anniversary of my grandfather’s death each year, there is all the expected pomp and circumstance of a nation mourning its last mortal king and there is always deep sorrow in the palace. It’s humbling and beautiful.

For the anniversary of my Grandmother Beate’s death, we all plant flowers. Flowers will grow down the mountain side, in our village. She loved cornflowers. Our kingdom is very beautiful because of this tradition, and I can’t help imagining her smiling down on us from heaven at the beautiful gardens planted in her name. I did meet my grandmother before she passed. She was like sunshine itself.

Your Wolpertinger Soldier

Photo Credit: KOBOLDS

The door was quite quaint and, was round, as if made for only a Wolpertinger to fit through. The smallest of doors. It could have been a small Kobold door, which is a small nasty sprite, or even a small Hobbit door, which it had looked like one, but they didn’t live amongst the Wolpertinger. The Hobbits came to this realm, straight out of the mind and off of the pages of JRR Tolkien, because the Psychosphere, as everyone knows is where the ideas, creatures and beasts of writers and other influential thinkers come, fully materialize and live. Never mind the forest mice and other small animals who may be tempted to try and get through that door, we do have your earthly animals here too, because even the everyday thinker contributs to creation and what they see with their two eyes is what they think about and then we get them. In fact, our realm is very much like yours, same continents. Same general rules of physics, well other than portal travel. That’s ours. We didn’t invent it, but we practice it here just the same.

Back to the door, I’m sorry, I get side tracked sometimes. I’m here now to present a Wolpertinger to you and to tell you a bit about our history. Why? Because we are on a mission to streamline what kids want out of life, and we are about to study you. We are running this like a campaign, looking into what motivates you, crunching numbers, analyzing data, following trends. Your soldier will conduct stake outs and dig through your trash to find out everything about you. They will listen in on phone calls and follow you. Their mission is to find out what makes you happiest at Easter time and they have a deadline. DO NOT TOUCH THEM. They give off a skunk like stench that will take exactly seven years to dissipate. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

I’m an ambassador to the Easter Headquarters and an enforcer of the Wolpertinger Code.

The name of the hero of this story, the chosen one is Abelard, my father, the one in line for the poisoned king’s throne. I didn’t tell you his name earlier because his name contains the word lard, and many children find it hilarious. It’s pronounced Ab-i-lard. He is anything but funny, I assure you. He grew into a fierce soldier and a most inspiring leader.

“I’m going to go through the door.” Abelard said to Horst, that day long ago in the Alpine Forest.  The little worm was now awake in his pocket. Perhaps Horst was able to sense the magnitude of what was about to happen, and he wanted to be a part of it.

“But, where does it lead, Abelard? Why is it suddenly here? Who put it here, and will we be able to get back home? Horst asked.

“Well, I was thinking that I would go through and then quickly come right back to give the door a test. I think that sounds like a reasonable thing to do.” Said Abelard more to himself than to Horst. He was being uncharacteristically cautious.

“…And if we can’t come back through?” Said Horst looking as if Abelard were the silliest boy in the world.

“Well then I will decide what to do next. I think I simply must go through this door.” Abelard’s name meant resolute in German, and Horst knew without a doubt that both would be into the portal in a matter of the next few seconds. He braced himself by crawling down low along the lining of Abelard’s pocket, so as not to be swept off by the whirring suction he could hear mounting behind the tiny door.

Abelard hadn’t seen his father fall from the poisoning and he hadn’t seen him right after in bed. The queen had sent them on this errand minutes after the doctor came to the main palace living quarters.

“Your father didn’t look well today, he was rigid and couldn’t move but his eyes were moving about as if his thinking were completely fine. I can’t believe you are out here on this pointless errand while King Friedrich is literally on his death bed. Though if I know your mother at all, I know that she is simply saving you from seeing your father that way.” He said. Abelard sighed again.

Where does this door lead? Is the same person who poisoned my father also behind this portal? Perhaps it’s a trap. He furrowed his brow, sitting down briefly to think about his mother and father, the King and Queen of this land. He was thinking about what was happening to their kingdom. Instead of jumping through the portal door, he played sullenly with a stick in the snow.

The kingdom was crumbling down before their very eyes. Soon there would be nothing left and they would become peasants, working for the Kobold spirits for peanuts. THEY were behind this, they had to be. Literally peanuts… There would be no food. Abelard could see it now in his active imagination, a red and white striped circus tent where he and Horst were the main act, and they wheeled about on a unicycle. The Kobold elites posing as humans, wearing white powder wigs with red rouged cheeks and ruby red lips. Throwing peanuts down at them and spitting out hateful comments. The crowd sneered and heckled them both. The Wolpertinger had never known this kind of darkness. The Kobolds were the worst kind of enemy. Ruthless and exterminating of joy. They left nothing to chance and were determined to eradicate the nation itself, along with the traditions and rich culture of the Wolpertinger. They wanted to take the peace of this place as their own.

It was Easter time and Abelard had been told by his mother Beate, to use his amazing sense of smell, exceptional hearing, laser sharp vision and top-notch jumping ability to find the ingredients to make the Wolpertinger Munch that she so loved this time of year. Since there was scarcity in the land and the Wolpertinger Army had been summoned to protect the Wolpertinger from the Kobolds, they were living with only rations, which had been going on for months. Kobolds were actually spirit shapeshifters who could never outsmart a Wolpertinger outright but who could cheat and steal unseen. They posed as dolls, humans, tables, you name it. They were eating up everything and had poisoned King Friedrich, now poor soul. He probably wouldn’t live out the night and the Wolpertinger were to be left completely vulnerable. Abelard was only a young kid, seven years old, to be exact. In line for the throne. When I think about my father that day and the stress he must have been under, I think I would have gone through that door too…I mean anything was better than feeling that enormous weight of responsibility weighing down on him, but then again, my father is more noble than I. That’s the truth too. I once stole a lollipop from my baby brother and my mother scolded me in the most effective way. I’ve never forgotten it.

She said, “Hermann, your father leads by example and lives only to protect and to show us all how to live joyful lives. You have greatness in you…yet you steal from a child? It’s the lowest hanging fruit. Not a challenge at all. You reach for what is easy in life, but are capable of much, much more than you will ever know.”  She said. I will never be as great as my father is, and that’s not just insecurity talking, that’s the truth, but he never made me feel like I was less than him. I think that is a sign of a great leader. King Abelard is great, but of course he needed to learn how to be great. You don’t just show up that way when you are born. It’s a process. I’m still in the process myself.

The errand that saved a nation

Anyways, the Wolpertinger Munch errand in the Alpine forest we were talking about earlier mattered to Abelard’s mother, the Wolpertinger queen Beate, so he would find it for her on the morning that the red door appeared. He had trudged through the snow listening to the birds chirping, looking to find the milk chocolate covered potato crisps, only one half of the tiny chip dipped…with bits of pretzel, salty popped corn drizzled with more chocolate and then any other pastel colored bonbon or tiny confection to make the mix really pop. This is what truly made her heart sing at Easter…ok, well, at least her taste buds truly sang when she munched down on that sweet, crunchy treat.

“I will do my best, mama.” Abelard told her.

“Please go into the village and look in the Süßigkeitenladen, candy shop. Maybe the Kobolds left something behind. Any scraps would be appriciated. Our rations include one piece of chocolate and I gave it to Horst this morning. He got my attention so that I could tend to your father when he fell. He is a most loyal friend and companion. We are very happy to have him here, Abelard.“

“Thank you, mama. He only came into our lives a year ago, but I consider him my best friend. Anyways, mama, I will be back at once.” Abelard said, he took the Wolpertinger Code very seriously. You never let another down, not ever. You would die before coming up short or leaving a mission undone. It simply wasn’t something that a Wolpertinger would do.”

Anyways, standing at the red door, he would use his sharp fangs to pick the lock, gnawing awkwardly until it fell open onto the underbrush beneath him. A slight head tilt to the side would clear my father Abelard’s antlers just enough to squeeze his rabbit head and body through the door. He weighed roughly 6 lbs. Around his neck he wore the medallion. He would tuck back his pheasant wings and use his short, young bird legs to pull through the small space keeping the medallion secure. He sighed.

        “Don’t worry Horst.” Abelard said. They both spoke German, one of the dozens of languages they knew between them. They were both natural detectives as all Wolpertinger are. This worm “Pet,” however was more like a sharp version of Watson, of the Sherlock Holmes duo. The two of them were completely in step. They worked extremely well together and some would argue that they worked better and more effectively together than they did by themselves. There was nothing they couldn’t find, detect or figure out. This worm made a fine companion to the young Wolpertinger who was more like Sherlock Holmes himself, if Sherlock Holmes could also fly, burrow, squeeze through small spaces or of course, effortlessly gnaw through metal.

Every Wolpertinger specimen is a different amalgamation of animal parts, but my father was actually cute, still is. He sits at the head of the Wolpertinger throne, to this day, as he wears the medallion. He is immortal, and that can be both a blessing and a curse. What it means to me, personally, is that I will never be king. Always a prince…never a king. I had a hard time with that earlier in my life, but now, I have found my purpose. To guide you and to teach you is my passion. We are completely devoted to the humans now as a species. Ok, picture the little red door at the base of the old towering tree.

            Abelard, my father passed through the door, closing it behind him with a flip of his feline tail and into the forest of Raven’s Grove, Pennsylvania he spilled. He was the first Wolpertinger to set foot… in America, in the realm of the Psychosphere. He found himself in the dark forest there which grew green and wild, giving shadow to the many unruly and sometimes unsavory characters of the wood. It was just adjacent to the expansive Holiday Headquarters property where the Hazamann lived.

You know the Hazamann as the Easter Bunny. His name means Hare Man in German and he’s a very tall rabbit often wearing a vintage suit. He’s a long-eared mammal on top and a human, oxford wearing man on the bottom. His heart is made of pure gold. Some describe him as a flower on a spindle because his DNA is made up of field rabbit and divine fairy DNA of the highest vibration. The mitotic spindles of DNA found in the tissue growth of both his fairy and mammalian tissues are pure. He lives at his highest potential just as a flower does. A flower being the highest vibrational expression of a flower seed.

Haza rides a steam powered motorcycle to deliver Easter Baskets to the children of the world each Easter. Why does he ride a motorcycle? Because some things are classic, and you don’t mess with perfection.

This particular Easter season, Haza decided that he needed a little help and so with magical assistance, he placed that door there for Abelard to find, with only the purest intentions. Haza knew that Abelard couldn’t resist a locked door. It was Wolpertinger bait. Don’t worry, Haza had all of the ingredients to the Wolpertinger Munch, he would never deprive Abelard’s mother of her hearts delight. Haza’s expansive holiday estate was a confectionary headquarters with expert candy artisans and bakers which would easily mix up the Munch for the Wolpertinger Queen.

But to Haza’s dismay, again, it was Abelard’s curiosity which got the best of him. That famous Wolpertinger curiosity, it would come in handy later, but for today, it was not proving helpful. Not a moment was Abelard through the Bavarian side of the door, finding himself rolling out onto the green underbrush of the Raven’s Grove, PA, but was back up again and to Haza’s agitation, went right back through the door towards home, with little more than a head scratch. Once through the door, it disappeared, leaving dear Abelard to wonder if it had even happened? He and Horst sat in silence, confused…on the freezing, white blanket of snow.

“Rats,” Haza said on his side. The portal closed. Let’s try that again, there’s exactly two weeks to go and I need the Wolpertinger to help me investigate what the children of the world most desire at Easter time. One by one…what’s their truest heart’s desire. Guessing is a fool’s game, I know, I’ve been doing it for years, but we can do better.”

Haza with the help of the Easter Fairies, materialized a bag of Wolpertinger Munch so lovely and plump in front of Abelard, back in Bavaria, that he cried with joy at the sight of it, and the dutiful son promptly took it to Queen Beate. The packaging was exquisite. Truly fit for a queen.

“Let’s try a different Wolpertinger, on second thought, not Abelard, he is too curious, if there is such a thing…not all are up for this challenge.” Haza said to his wife Maude, who was the queen of the fairies herself. She was quite skilled at the art of magic and knew the hearts of all men and beasts. She was the one responsible for the magical part of Easter as you know it. The Easter Bunny himself didn’t possess the magic firsthand. You might say that he married into it.

Maude knew, however, that Abelard was very special. A king at heart. “We need a group of Wolpertinger Haza, think…how can we get a large group of royals to help us? Ones that are already trained in the art of the Wolpertinger Code. We truly need their purity for our mission,” Maude said, waiting for her husband to think it through and to come up with a solution on his own. She loved how his mind worked and while they were usually on the same page, sometimes he surprised her and she would find herself doubtful of her own abilities, thinking that the magic may actually be coming from him.  

“…It’s time for the Wolpertinger Army! Seems like a good time given the state of things in Kriegerlager.” Haza exclaimed to his wife who was currently beaming at him. “Little Abelard is just a boy, a sweet curious little boy, he was handpicked to be the next Wolpertinger king based off of years of study and evaluation, by the Wolpertinger council of elders and he wears the medallion we sponsored, but he may not be ready to lead our mission. He’s just not ready, in my opinion. We need his father’s army, and the rest of King Friedrich’s children whom are bred to be soldiers and they can carry the load. We need their expert observation and tracking skills. Perhaps they all would be willing to work with us earlier than expected if we offer them our protection from the Kobolds starting today, we will give each of them a medallion too to collect data and to deem them all immortal?” Said Haza.

“I will go to speak with King Friedrich myself. The fairies can shield the general Wolpertinger community from the Kobolds in the meantime. We will protect the soldiers too. These are dark times. We need to hurry, I have the feeling that we don’t have long before King Friedrich expires from the hemlock poisoning. His mind will be unaffected. Too bad he drank that tea. He is simply paralyzed right now as the hemlock plant attacks the nervous system, but he will die from asphyxiation soon enough. His respiratory system will shut down. The cruelty of the Kobolds is unparalleled, but those little sprites are no match for the purity of fairy magic, and to think that they only want the Wolpertinger’s land to find peace. When are they going to learn that peace comes from within?” Said Maude.

“We will help them, gladly, let’s get some food and supplies ready to send to the Wolpertinger.” Said Haza.

“Well, yes, but it isn’t that simple, we will send the supplies and food, what I mean is we need consent. The Wolpertinger need to agree to work with us unforced. We have been planning our work with the Wolpertinger for decades, but this agreement wasn’t supposed to take effect for another ten years or so. We will protect them from afar, they don’t need to come here. Our magical reach and influence has no bounds. It’s how we have always done things. All who live here or who work with us will choose it for themselves. You tried to catch young Abelard today, but it didn’t work. Let’s try a different approach, shall we? We will try cooperation?”

“Ok, that sounds like something King Friedrich would be very happy about, and I agree too. Protection without having to change their habitat, culture, or way of life… Please come back to me in one-piece mein liebling.” Haza said as he kissed his wife on the forehead. He loved her so.

 Haza went to his workshop. This was his Mona Lisa. He began sweeping it. There was nothing more sacred than this space to him. This is where he, with the help of many little hands created the toys and treats for the Easter holiday. This is where his creativity truly came to life. He lit a fire in the fireplace to set the mood because it was only two weeks until Easter in Pennsylvania and the weather was beautiful outside. There were many fairies hard at work, churning out the candies and weaving the baskets. He loved the crackle of the fire and the beauty of its dancing flames. He began to sing and dance with his broom as he swept and more of the Easter fairies came out of the woodwork literally to join him.

It’s the Easter season and we have a reason,

to find a way to help our youth.

Times are bleak friends and we have two weeks friends

to inspire the children, to find proof.

Your happiness isn’t hardwired, your brain is a product of you.

Choose happiness in the moment and choose gratitude.

If you’re happy, we’re happy because we are a byproduct of you, too.

Our stories are intertwined and what you imagine comes true.

You must start believing because our realm you are leading and

There’s nothing more important than truth.

There’s nothing more important than youth.

Now we need to find proof,

What makes you happy we’ll sleuth.

Long live the king

Queen Maude arrived by portal to Kriegerlager just in time. King Friedrich was gasping for air and was reaching for her. She took his hand in hers and closed her eyes. King Friedrich began a coughing fit and coughed and contorted and wheezed until a large black cloud came out of his mouth in a stream of black soot and flew right out of the window. It was a Kobold, not hemlock poisoning after all which had been paralyzing him and so his body quickly began to regain its strength.

“Disgusting parasite, be gone!” He coughed and stammered. “Thank you, Queen Maude, what can I do to repay you? You wouldn’t be able to believe the terrible mind of that Kobold. Its thoughts were dark and debilitating. I couldn’t move, overcome with fear and regret. Thank you for freeing me from it’s grasps. We must stop them from taking over the peace of this nation.”

Maude knew it was a Kobold inside of the king as soon as she touched his hand. It was cold, like the hand of death itself, and she simply infused her warmth into the king, pushing the Kobold out. “You’re welcome King Friedrich. You needn’t repay me, I am actually here to ask you to allow us, as you promised us long ago, the use of Abelard’s heart.”

“It’s time? But he is so young Queen Maude, do you really think he is ready?” King Friedrich said, looking worriedly at his wife who was catching the conversation through the translator in the room who was signing for her. Queen Beate looked weak in the knees. It had been an overwhelming day to say the least. First her husband was almost taken from her. Overshadowed by evil which threatened to snuff him out, and now this.

“Is his heart and spirit ready to be a conductor and barometer for the Easter season, you must know Maude? How can a young Wolpertinger singlehandedly weather the collective emotional storm of the children of earth? That medallion he wears around his neck will tell you what percentage the children are happy or unhappy, but won’t my son feel that? Isn’t he too young…to ask this of him?” Beate signed to the translator who asked Maude in German. Maude and Haza spoke many languages too.

“Well that medallion makes him immortal, and yes he will feel it, but I guess it’s up to him if he wants it to begin today…to be responsible for gauging the happiness of millions of people on earth and feeling it. Though I think I have someone who can relieve him a bit of the burden. He will be like an electrical conductor between their realm and ours. The happiness of earth’s realm needs to be monitored so that we know if our work is helping. Each individual Wolpertinger will find what makes each individual child happy, but Abelard will feel the emotions of ALL of them. My husband, Haza, doesn’t think that Abelard is ready, based on his behavior, but I think that he is based on his heart. Maybe we should ask him now? We offer our protection from the Kobold henceforth of course, and any other threat that may arise. A shield is currently being stitched and draped over Kriegerlager and Abelard will stay with you here. His medallion will report back to our super medallion, which I will be wearing to intercept the information once Abelard’s pure heart has crunched the data. It’s a full-time job and he will be compensated handsomely for it. Listen, I know what we ask of you and your family is enormous, and that we will be forever in your debt.”

“You just saved my husband from possession of evil.” Said Queen Beate.” I am quite certain that a solution can be found which will satisfy all involved.”

“I will send for young Abelard, he isn’t usually far off, and enjoys reading in the library with his annelid friend Horst.” King Friedrich sent for Abelard at once.

“Good, thank you dear King. I will check on the protective shield’s progress…it is almost complete. A few seconds more, to keep out the Kobolds and any who are currently here will immediately be cast out. None will be allowed inside of a 10-kilometer radius of Kriegerlager.” Said Maude.

“Thank you, dear Queen, please stay, let’s have lunch.” Said Beate.


Abelard and Horst had been reading in the library when they were summoned to meet the others in the banquet hall. A large open room with wooden beams and vibrant frescos painted on the walls and ceiling, it was magnificent. It made you feel a part of nature even in doors here with the topiaries and foliage sprawling the four walls. Birds flew freely. Torches lined the frescos behind the long central table and candles surrounded by flowers donned the table as center pieces. A feast lay out before them, all rations used for this one meal. They ate and drank until they were full. There was something sacred in the air and a peace that hadn’t been felt for months in this place.

“Are the Kobolds gone?” Signed Abelard to his mother, taking a seat across from her.

“Yes dear, your godmother has cast them out, it will be safe here now. Do you remember what we talked about when you were younger? How you were going to be the one who stood as a beacon and barometer for the Easter season for Queen Maude and the Hazamann?”

“Yes, mama.” He said sheepishly.

“Well, your godmother is here to tell you about beginning your duty. I can feel the peace, can’t you?”

“Yes, I can feel the peace.” Said Abelard. “But what happened to Horst? I can’t find him anywhere…He disappeared right before we left the library. Literally disappeared right before my eyes. That was you wasn’t it, Godmother?”

Maude looked at the king and queen meaningfully in turn and said nothing. Several seconds passed without a word from anyone and then finally Maude touched young Abelard on the shoulder. He looked up at her. He had been silently crying.

“He isn’t dead, is he? Why did you take him away from me? He is my best friend. Why can’t I do your work and also have my best friend?”

Beate and King Friedrich suddenly realized that Horst was a Kobold, hiding in plain sight and that he had been cast out with the rest in the cleansing.

He watched me drink that tea. It almost killed me.” Said the King.

“Yes, but he also alerted me to what was happening, and I was able to get the Doctor before you perished where you stood.” Said Queen Beate.

“He would never hurt a flea, he made everything better. Just having him in my life made my life better. I was so terribly lonely before.” Abelard said to Maude.

“I understand dear boy…Horst had this family’s best interest at heart. He did save the King this morning. He is very loyal and loving. Unfortunately, his being here with you for the past year, summoned the other Kobold to come and caused an infestation of sorts…he also isn’t a he at all, dear Abelard.  Horst is a young girl about your age. Her name is Leonie and she wants to be more…than she is. She answers a small voice deep inside of her. It’s always been there guiding her. She is a pure spirit amongst tortured ones, and she yearns to be what her heart desires.” There was silence in the banquet hall while everyone tried to understand what the queen was saying.

 “There are creatures big and small, from every walk of life who want to be different than they are expected to be. To be perhaps better than the life circumstances they were born into. In Leonie’s case, she was born a Kobold and they are quite dominantly evil. Leonie isn’t though. She chooses to be different every day, and she puts her hopes and dreams into action. She’s smart and sharp and wants to help people instead of hurting them.” The three Wolpertinger continued to stare at Maude, absolutely dumbfounded. Abelard was crushed more than dumbfounded. Deeply shocked, he felt betrayed, but more, he couldn’t accept that his friend was gone.

“Can she come back inside of the protective shield since she isn’t evil? I need her help. She helped me figure things out better than I could do on my own, and I will need her while I do this job for you. I can’t do it on my own.” Said Abelard.

“Well that is where you are wrong, dear boy. You are smart and sharp too. Horst or Leonie helped you to see that about yourself. That’s what friendship does. It helps you to see your own beauty. All of the things she helped you to do…you can do for yourself, but the reality is that you will miss her, and that I think I can help you with. Come with me.” Maude opened a portal door which appeared before them and they all stepped through it.

 10-kilometers due East of the Wolpertinger castle was where they appeared, stepping out of the portal door.

“Is this the protective shield?” Abelard asked, putting his hand through the field of light…watching his hand disappear and looking at it through the other side of the shield and then pulling it back again. Over and over he did it, giggling and carrying on to himself.

“Abelard, I want you to look at something.” Maude said, with the king and queen standing close by. Abelard looked where Maude was pointing and they all could see a small figure on the other side of the protective shield. A small worm.

“Horst! Are you ok? You aren’t hurt are you?” Abelard yelled, trying to push through the shield.

“Abelard, I know that you know my name is Leonie. I am sorry that I deceived you. I didn’t want to hurt you, only to be of service to you and your family. I want to be a Wolpertinger and to serve the king and queen. You all are soft, caring and kind. You are incredible hunters, information gatherers and extremely educated and well read. I don’t have the same opportunities as you do, I’m a Kobold.”

“Of course, you do, you have books.” Abelard said. “You told me all about the books you read. Were you lying?”

“We have books Abelard if we take them. Our culture isn’t like yours. We move around and take what we need to survive. Our leader Moritz wanted your land because it is fertile land and there is a peace here that we simply don’t have on our own. I want more than that though. I want a family and a life. I want roots, traditions and children. How can I have any of these things if I don’t have roots? I’m sorry I lied to you, I thought if you knew that I was a girl, you wouldn’t want to play with me.”

“See, I told you she was smarter than me.” Abelard said, turning to Maude who beamed at him.

“She is quite wise.”

“So she can come back through then?”

“I am afraid that the shield is 100% effective at keeping the threat out. When and if, she is not a threat…in the future…if she becomes a trusted friend to the Wolpertinger, the shield will know and she will be allowed safe, protected passage back into Kriegerlager. In the meantime, I invite you to carry on your friendship.”

“Through the wall?” Leonie asked, “but I don’t have any books.”

“I will read to you.” Abelard said. “Every day, we can meet here, each morning at sunrise and we can read and talk and figure things out and nothing needs to change.”

“But it has changed, at least for me. You’re in there and I’m out here.” Leonie said. Abelard hung his head. He was smart enough to know that Leonie meant that her dreams had been dashed. That her wish of being a Wolpertinger and being accepted as one of the pack…may never come true. She was devastated. Abelard could see it in her eyes.

“While Abelard grows into a man, you Leonie, will grow into a woman and you will both be an extremely important part of our mission. This I know to be 100% true. In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang describe how seemingly opposite forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent and how they may give help to the other as they interrelate to one another. This concept describes you two. There is no short cut for this process. Leonie is seemingly bad with good in her and Abelard is seemingly good with bad in him. You must go through the growing pains of life to grow and grow into completely feeling adults, complex enough to be beacons of light and data crunchers for this season. You will start today and learn on the job.” Maude explained.

“If I do this, can I come back in there with Abelard?” Asked Leonie.

“Like I was explaining to Abelard before, the shield will let you in naturally when you are ready, because it isn’t capable of judgement in the traditional sense. It simply knows the frequency of goodness. When you are the vibrational frequency that the shield is looking for, the same as the Wolpertinger, you will be allowed to come through. My advice to you is to not pine for the future, but to be present in the moment. Every moment choose happiness and listen to your heart’s desire, you will eventually accumulate enough of a “happy experience,” that you will become happiness itself and the shield will open for you.”

“Then I will become a Wolpertinger. I will shapeshift into a Wolpertinger then. I won’t need to hide as a worm.”

“You don’t need to hide as a worm now Leonie. You are beautiful as you are but are lucky that you can shape shift. Be a Wolpertinger now, today. Being a Wolpertinger in practice until you become one in reality… is the key. Olympians practice being champions every day until they succeed. That’s the secret of life. Be that thing, practice, enhance, and prepare yourself to be that thing you want to be in every given moment until it comes true. You just happen to have the ability to actually look like the thing you want to become. Lucky you, Leonie. You are special.”

Leonie didn’t need to be told twice. She shapeshifted into a beautiful young Wolpertinger fawn. She had rosy cheeks and long eyelashes. She was a deer with floppy rabbit ears. She would eventually grow into her ears, but her deer body would always stay small. She was a petite doe, and she was so happy about it…that she pranced the shield fence with robust joy. She danced about and laughed and ran.

“What about me, Queen Maude? What do I need to do to be happy?” Asked Abelard.

“You’re a learner, you’re willing to put in more work than most people… to become more of who you are. You’re willing to spend the bulk of your day reading and putting new information into your mind so that you can grow. Your willingness to grow and to transform your mind into becoming who you were put on this earth to become makes you extremely rare, and very, very special. We aren’t challenged in this life to become “more,” as in someone different from ourselves. That is an impossibility, (accept for shapeshifting species.) We are challenged in this life to become more and more of ourselves. Concentrated and potent versions of who we already are…with a positive spin. Helping others will bring out your best. You need to learn from Leonie, she will be your mentor and you will be hers. Read to her from your books and listen to her ideas, she will listen to yours and you will strive to choose happiness in each moment like she has been instructed to do. Happiness will be an important state of mind when dealing with the state of the human beings you will be serving. You must be organized, hard-working, thankful and in a state of mindful happiness while doing this work. Start each day with gratitude, positive mantras and organization by making a plan for your day and then putting it into action. You will then be filtering the emotions and analyzing the data for us. This book will teach you what we expect of you both. It’s the precursor to the Wolpertinger Code.” Maude turned to the beautiful young Wolpertinger. “Leonie, this small castle outside of the shield will be where you rest your head each night.” A beautiful gilded castle appeared before them. Smaller than the palace, but a real castle, nonetheless, protected by its own shield.

“Thank you, queen Maude.”

“Abelard will have a matching castle inside of the shield where he will rest his head at night.” Another identical castle appeared inside of the Wolpertinger shield.

“Thank you, queen Maude.” Abelard put his hand over his mouth in awe.

“Each morning, you will begin your work together, until past dark. God speed children. If you ever need me, press the center of your matching medallions. Though I will be checking in with you daily, we are only a heartbeat away.” Maude handed Leonie a necklace and the matching one that Abelard wore rippled with light. The medallions seemed to sync and shown brightly around the young childrens necks.  

“Good bye all, until next time.” And with that. She was gone.

40 years living the Wolpertinger Code

Much time passed and Leonie and Abelard were now adults. In their late forties their castles blended because Leonie was able to come through the shield. Everyone already knew that they were in love. Their minds were in tune, their missions were aligned, and they were ready to marry and to start a family. It had been many decades but now they were the King and Queen of Kriegerlager. King Friedrich and Queen Beate had passed.

 I, Hermann am half Kobold and half Wolpertinger, but it doesn’t matter. The truth is the Wolpertinger have become shapeshifters over time because they are the offspring of my mother and father. At Easter, you can assume that you are being watched 24/7. You don’t see your Wolpertinger soldier on the table where you last saw him? That table in your kitchen might be your Wolpertinger soldier. The Vase? This job is too easy for us.

What greater gift could Maude have given us that day at the border of Kriegerlager? But the gift of immortality and the book of the precursor to the Wolpertinger Code where is written the secrets to our sustained happiness to enjoy our immortality. She gave us the opportunity to work with you all. Your royal Wolpertinger can teach you the secrets. Listen…they talk to you through your heart and mind, where the voice of happiness itself resides. Make sure you don’t miss it. Take time to listen each morning while you prepare for your day and SMILE, because you are loved.

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