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Mythical Creature, “the Akhlut,” an Inuit, orca/wolf hybrid- with writing prompt


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In Inuit mythology, Akhlut (Pronounced Ock-lut or Ack-lut) is a spirit that takes the form of both a wolf and an orca. It is a vicious, dangerous beast. The Akhlut is very keen and opportunistic, and will certainly attack you if you have fallen asleep near the edge of the water or are walking by the edge. Sometimes it goes as far as the Inuit camp to hunt. It has a furious appetite and will eat anything. Its tracks are recognizable simply because they are wolf tracks that lead to and from the ocean. Often, dogs seen walking to the ocean and/or into it are considered to be evil by Inuit tribes.

It has been said that this is a well known creature, but most of the Inuit surprisingly never consider that the Akhlut may be the one attacking them while they are trying to fish out in the Arctic Sea. The only thing they seem to take note of, where the Akhlut are concerned is, when there are wolf tracks coming out of the water.


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According to cryptidwiki, there are many stories of how the Akhlut came to be, but this legend is the most popular: a man who was obsessed with the sea wanted to be around it all the time. After coming home after a long time away, he returned to his village, but his people didn’t recognize him.

He had become too obsessed with the ocean and ended up getting banned from the village.

While out on his own, he found a pack of wolves, and because he was so hungry, like a wolf, (and for revenge;) he became one with the pack.

One day, his affection for the ocean became so strong that he jumped in, to be with it. He then, transformed into an orca.

Thus, he now swims beautifully as a majestic whale, living in peace, but whenever his hunger for revenge once again shows itself, he simply comes to land and transforms into a wolf to feed.

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These three kids saw something that has only been a myth to them up until now. Their mother used to lightly threaten them with the Akhlut, telling them to stay away from the waters edge,

“Or Akh, will come and get you.” And then she would chuckle, because it was an endearing name for the monster.

The family even named a stray who would sometimes come into their yard, “Akh,” and the children delighted in this game. Akh, never came too close, but he was bigger then an average dog and always seemed ravenous, because of his size.

The children liked to pretend that the mythological Akhlut was their pet and that it was their job to feed him every night. It became their ritual. This particular group of children happened to be the kids of the fisherman who lived…with his wife…closest to the waters edge.

The children would sneak out after their mother and father went to bed and wait all night until the wee hours of morning hoping to see something. They would take books with them outside and warm things to drink. The Akhlut never came, but they never gave up hope that he would.


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One early morning, this morning, actually, their stray dog came into their yard again…it was “Akh,” but they saw him come out of the water this time and they gasped at his sheer size. They were terrified, because…he was Akh, but he had shapeshifted and was half dog or wolf and half orca, which was a completely new look for him.

The children had good reason to be afraid. The Akhlut let out a hideous bellow and sprayed them with sea water. His claws swiped for them and the children ducked and rolled away…retreating to the safety of their house.

It’s now 10 am and the children are thinking about telling their father about what had happened at sunrise this morning…though they know that they are either going to be in big trouble, or that they aren’t going to be believed. What happens next? Does the Akhlut come back?

If you find this article fun and interesting and you decide to expand on this story -let me know how it continues in the comment section below, and as usual…happy writing!

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