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Mythical Creature, ‘the Agogwe,’ the little furry men of Tanzania. “It’s a writing safari!” with prompt

Let’s go on a different kind of safari…one where we see legendary and mythical creatures. The Agogwe men of Tanzania might join us. They are the furry men who have been spotted throughout history and likened to bigfoot. They are fascinating cryptids, who love millet beer.

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According to notes and records blogspot, Africa is the only region of the world other than Southeast Asia, where the great apes live. Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes), bonobos (Pygmy chimpanzees, Pan paniscus) and Lowland and Highland Gorillas (Gorilla gorilla and Gorilla beringei) are there.

“Recorded both in areas where apes live and in regions where they do not, reports of African hominoids have been comprehensively reviewed by Bernard Heuvelmans (1980). One source is a report by Captain William Hichens, an Englishman and former civil servant, whom in the 1920s, while hunting lions in the Wembere region of west central Tanzania, observed two creatures emerging from dense forest. Resembling ‘little men,’ the creatures were tail-less, covered in ‘russet’ hair, stood about 1.2 meters tall and walked erect (Hichens 1937: 373). Evidently familiar with local primate life, Hichens remarked that the creatures may have been monkeys, but ‘were no ordinary monkeys, nor baboons, nor colobus, nor Sykes, nor any other kind found in Tanganyika’ (ibid.).

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Wembere, it should be noted , is located east of the normal range of chimpanzees and gorillas. Hichens’ efforts to follow the hominoids were in vain. Reacting with mingled fear and amazement, a native hunter accompanying the Englishman also saw the creatures. He identified them as ‘agogwe’, rarely encountered beings which, according to what villagers later told Captain Hichens, will weed and hoe people’s gardens at night in exchange for food and millet beer.” – notesandrecords

Writing Prompt

I am a miniature cyclops-quadraped and my family and I are excited to be in Africa! While on this magic laden safari…(a similar adventure to the magical one from you can find the itinerary here.) We saw the most amazing creature, the Abada, which has been my favorite thus far. He is the crytozoolgical legend of the Congo. Really, everyone in our group was excited to get the chance to see him, he is usually so elusive…there it was though, right before our eyes… a unicorn with two horns prancing and dancing about on the savanna. We took lots of pictures.

Photo credit: Cryptidz

The canopy of trees didn’t shield the Abada from our keen eyes. We were ecstatic!

That Abada, was equally as magnificent as the cryptid I am sitting next to on the safari bus…get this, I’m sitting next to one of THE Agogwe, in the flesh!

Wearing a Hawaiian shirt and dungarees, he tells of a simpler time, when they were all making more money and sales were high. I certainly could identify with what he  was saying, I’m in real estate, and though I am doing well right now, I really shouldn’t complain…every family man I know, wishes they could make more money, to provide for their family. This safari was their first trip in years.

The Agogwe’s wife is an Adhene Fairy from the Isle of Man and her accent absolutely tickles me. The two have a small child, named Agog. The little boy was named after his father and interestingly looks a lot like his mother in the face. Her name is Alis.

The safari bus breaks down suddenly and the couple are out of juice for the little one. The guide says it is going to be at least a three hour wait before they can be back up and running again. The rest of the day seems to be shot, and everyone is talking amongst themselves. Suddenly a lion appears. A prehistoric-lion…and he is hungry. Its predatory fangs are bigger than the bus.

…Now they were all in danger. Who could imagine such a thing? The lion lunges for Agog…who screams and runs as fast as his little toddler legs can take him. What happens next?

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If you find this article fun and interesting and you decide to expand on this story -let me know how this story continues in the comment section below, and as usual…happy writing!

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