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Mythical Creature, ‘the Adlet,’ an Inuit dog-man from Greenland- with writing prompt


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I’m not a Werewolf…

..but I look like one. The Adlet is a ferocious predator. According to warriorsofmyth, they very much resemble the classic Werewolf, but are not shape shifters, and sometimes are shown having a human head with canine legs.

The creature is other times shown, covered in red fur, among other colors and possessing sharp claws on its hands and feet. It has a mouthful of razor sharp teeth.

They have other wolf-like features as well, including pronounced snouts, pointed ears, long tails, and eerily piercing eyes.

According to Wikipedia, the Adlet men (or the Erqigdlet) are creatures of Inuit mythology, in beautiful, lush Greenland. There are records of them within the Labrador Coastal regions of Canada as well as the northernmost parts of the United States.

While the word Adlet, historically refers to an inland Native American tribe, it also denotes this legend…another fearsome tribe, living near the humans, a constant threat, I would imagine.
In Inuit lore, Adlet are often much taller than people. They are said to run very fast, and according to the myth, any encounters with their human counterparts end up in a battle. The humans inevitably become the victors; which is in and of itself…the stuff of legend, because humans are no match for this lupine hunter.

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Warriorsofmyth, says that the Adlet possesses a supernatural degree of strength, agility, endurance, and speed. The creature’s senses (especially the senses of sight, smell, and hearing) are extremely acute. The Adlet is able to see clearly in the dark, can smell a fresh human corpse from a mile away, and can hear the approach of the keenest hunter.

The Adlet is immune to conventional forms of injury and can heal any wound not caused by silver, or by fire… very quickly. Fire and silver are of course, the kryptonite to this group of superhuman cryptids. The only thing that the Adlet truly fears is fire. The creature is deathly afraid of an open flame, and will only attack a torch-wielding Hunter when on the verge of starvation. The silver is another matter and is the backbone of our writing prompt today- why is the silver an issue for the Adlet?

In some stories the creatures are said to be cannibals, because they will feed on anything in desperation. They prefer, however to drink the warm blood of a newly-slain human (it also eats the flesh with an equal amount of fervor).

This creature is extremely cunning.
The Adlet hunts in large packs, attempting to overwhelm prey through sheer strength of numbers. The alpha male can be easily identified because it is larger and more ferocious than the others.

The pack descends upon you…and is marked by the echo of the approaching…piercing howls. This paralyzes the creature’s prey with fear, making them easier to subdue. The prey’s death is slow and extremely painful, because the Adlet’s strong, bone-crushing jaws reduce the victim to a pulp.

Inuit from the Labrador region use the term Adlet and tribes west of the Hudson Bay region use the word Erqigdlit.

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img_0050Writing Prompt

It’s night off of the Labrador coast. The air is fresh and cold. The tribe of humans are having a heavy meal, off of a fresh hunt and the meat smells fantastic. One man, a holy man is not feeling well, so he is sipping a broth and is being tended to this evening.

Life is good and everyone is full and warm by the fire. Other than the squabble earlier in the evening about the blood being spilt on the ground for the Adlet to smell, everyone has relaxed and is comfortable.

The blood from the large meal, had spilled unceremoniously on the ground earlier and the Adlet had tracked it and were coming to the camp. Their howling began just after midnight and the men, women and children were terrified as they huddled together. The holy man, who was unable to sit up from his sleeping position, because he was too weak, yelled to his only son to grab the amulet. It was not only silver, which the holy man had recently heard could protect them, it was magical. It could liquefy when a specific chant was recited and could be poured in a circle around the camp for protection.

“Why didn’t you tell me this earlier today, father? The holy man’s son asked. “I’m not going to be able to encircle the camp fast enough…they are almost here!”

The holy man died then, and his spirit…able to move much faster without his body was able to quickly start the chant and lay down the liquid silver around the entirety of the camp.

The Adlet arrived and were stopped short…the human screaming halted as the Adlet were bounced back by what looked like an invisible shield around the perimeter. Everyone stared in astonishment.

The tribe immediately began to wail in mourning for the spirit of their holy man, with gratitude and with great sadness.

Where did the holy man get the amulet? Why was he gravely ill, was that related to the artifact? Why did he wait until the last second to protect the tribe from the Adlet, and why does silver stop them short?

If you find this article fun and interesting and you decide to expand on this story-let me know how this story continues in the comment section below, and as usual…happy writing!

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