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Mythical Creature, ‘Abada’ – a unicorn with two horns from the Congo- with a writing prompt


Photo credit: CNN

According to Cryptid Wiki, ‘Abada is one of the names given to a unicorn living in Africa. Giovanni Cavazzi, when travelling in Portuguese Angola, heard about a creature similar to a horse, but larger. It had a head similar to a deer. It had two horns, one on the forehead and the other on the nose, both of the horns, obviously of great value. He also mentions another creature called abbada (ndemba in the Congo language), which is the African cousin of a “true” (Indian) rhinoceros which has three horns – one on the nose, one on the forehead and one on the back.[1]Girolamo Merolla also writes about a unicorn called ‘abada,’ living in the Congo. It is the size of an ox, but his version has only one horn on the forehead. Also only the males are endowed with it.[2]It should be noted that the word “abada” itself is an old Portuguese word for a rhinoceros, taken from Malay بادق‎ bādaḳ.[3]

Photo credit: Cryptidz

Above is an illustration of the abada in the Girolamo Merolla’s Relazione del viaggio nel regno di Congo.  Which means in Italian, Girolamo Merolla’s report of the trip to the kingdom of the Congo, which can be read here, if you speak Italian or just want to see it.


By Joseph Kansky

Abada walks warily,

awaiting the arrival

of abracadabra –

their meeting will be magical.

Up above, the #mothman mutters

in the rising mist –

wondering where the #agogwes are .

#micropoetry #faerietale #folklore #cryptid

This poem was written by Joseph Kansky, a Canadian artist and retired Northern Ontario secondary school teacher (30 + years) with a background in English, Special Education, and Media Literacy. His work can be seen here.

Writing Prompt-

Just like Elephant poaching is a problem in the Congo, so is Abada poaching. You are one of the people they pay top dollar to poach the horns of this majestic creature. The horns have healing properties, but you have been secretly hoarding the precious liquid that comes from the Abada’s horns. Your mother is sick and you have been keeping her alive with a powerful elixir that has extended her life by decades. A powerful American business man approaches you for your medicine, but you have a change of heart towards the creature’s well being. What is the thing that changes your mind and makes you want to fight for the Abada?



If you find this article fun and interesting and you decide to expand on this story -let me know how this story continues in the comment section below, and as usual…happy writing!


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